RelaxPDX is owned by Kirstin Davis Oregon License #10154. My mission is to offer a truly meaningful massage experience for each and every client. I offer the attention to detail of an independent massage therapist while offering the luxury amenities of a full service spa. I strive to customize every massage to the needs each client. This high level of personal service is what keeps people coming back year after year.

I am one of those people who was born to be a massage therapist. Growing up my mother had a physical job & would frequently ask me to rub her work tired  muscles. As a child my intuitive ability to 'find peoples pain' was tantamount to a party trick. In my 20's I decided I needed to have a "real job" so I received education in marketing and business development but my heart always called me back to massage. So, at 25 I went back to school & became an LMT. I tend to be drawn to tough cases with active clients. The golfer who's game is off from of a pain in the hip after a few holes. The vet who hurt her shoulder lifting an anxious dog. The new mom who's neck is killing her because she is constantly caring around her new bundle of joy (and a 30 lb diaper bag). My business training has allowed me to understand how to give people what they want. A comfortable clean space, luxury amenities at a fair price, a massage therapist who listens but is not gossipy or full of personal drama.

I graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in June of 2002 with a primary focus on deep tissue, medical, and event massage. Shortly after being licensed, I opened my doors as Catnap Massage Therapy. In 2008, Catnap Massage got a whole new look and name becoming RelaxPDX. My clients still experience the same level of personal service they have come to expect from my bodywork. I feel that the new name and location has taken my massage practice to a new level of luxury (besides now people won't call asking me to massage their cats).

I regularly take advanced education classes in an effort to increase my skills. I also volunteer my massage services for charity whenever I have the opportunity. In addition to be licensed in Oregon, I am also nationally certified massage therapist and a member of the ABMP.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you ever have the need. My personal contact number is 503-504-2569 and my email address is [email protected]

My location at Massage Naturally on Scholls Ferry Rd in Raleigh Hills is a perfect fit for my clients and I. It combines the independent attitude and focus on personalized service that you find in solo massage practices with the amenities and environment of a spa. The Massage Naturally studio is warm, vibrant and colorful. It is energized with lots of natural light to chase away the Portland rain and because this studio is exclusive to massage, it has a very relaxing atmosphere throughout.