Customized 'Relaxation Journeys'

Experience true escape and relaxation, our customize your massage with one of RelaxPDX's signature Relaxation Journeys. Immerse yourself in another world. We combine perfectly chosen soundtracks and essential oils to create journeys to far away lands. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and escape to your dream destination (without ever leaving town).

Popular Choices Include:

Island Escape
Tropical scents of mango & coconut or cucumber & melon fill the air while you listen to soothing ocean waves and island music.

Highland Journey
Let subtle lavender aromas take you to the glens of Scotland while you listen to Gaelic and Celtic melodies.

Asian Spice
Find clarity and vitality through the combination of exotic fragrances and Asian inspired music help to balance your mind body and spirit.

Mountain Retreat
Spicy yet herbal aromas will take you deep into the forest, while natural soundscapes resonate around you. 

Alert and Invigorated
Refreshing aromas revitalize your mind while energetic classical music stimulates your spirit. 

Weekend Warrior
For those who have recently overdone it, this is the perfect treatment. Deeply penetrating formulas soak into your sore muscles while meditative music helps to relax your mind. 

Headache Remedy
Specially designed aromatherapy oils known to alleviate headaches are used. Pressure point massage combined with long flowing strokes will sweep your headache away. Tranquil music or nature sounds will help to quiet your mind.

These are just a few options. We have a dozens of playlists on the iPod you can also just tell me what spotify channel you want or we can use your phone and use your own playlist. You are also welcome to bring in your favorite essential oils. It's your massage, you are welcome to make it as personal as you want.