Menu & Prices

Signature Barefoot Massage: Signature Massage will include some work with hands but massage is "Chavutti Style" using foot pressure, while it is a deep massage it is not at all painful. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

60 minute massage: $85; 90 minute massage: $125; 2 hour massage $165

Prenatal Massage: Massage geared especially for mothers-to-be. Works toward relieving muscle cramps, spasms, and muscle pain common to pregnancy. Pillows and body cushions are used to provide comfortable, safe support while in the semi-reclined and side-laying body positions. A "preggo pillow" option allows for safe face down work. (Prenatal Massage is done with hands not feet)

60 minute massage: $80

30 minute Targeted Area Massage: A therapeutic massage focused on a specific issue. Great for weekly sessions to deal with a 'trouble spot'. Examples include, shoulders, neck, low back, knee, hip, TMJD.

30 minute massage: $50

30 minute Youth and Young Athletes Therapeutic Massage: A therapeutic massage focused on people 18 and under. As the mother of a dancer/gymnast I understand how difficult our children's injuries can be. From sports injuries to strains from overstuffed backpacks this massage is kid specific. This 30 min session includes massage, stretching, and application of oils/liniment to the affected area. Consent of both child and guardian are required at each service. Full consultation prior. Wear comfortable clothing. Guardian must remain on premises during this service. 

30 minute massage: $50