RelaxPDX Policies & Appointment Information

  • For first time clients, it is important that you plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This allows you time to find the office and fill out the initial intake form.

  • Appointments begin promptly. Late arrivals will be charged the full service price and will not receive an extension of scheduled services.

  • A 24-hour cancelation notice is required on all services.

**Note** In the event of a Portland/Beaverton weather advisory we may need to reschedule your massage. I tend to make the decision to cancel clients if the local schools are closed. Massage Naturally (my studio) is located on the Sylvan Hill, if Portland has snow, I have snow at my office. I will not charge you a cancellation fee if you feel safer cancelling your massage on a “snow day” my safety and your safety are more important than a massage.

Additional Useful Information

  • Filtered water and hot tea are available in the lobby. We also have a large selection of health and wellness literature. These are here for your enjoyment, you are welcome to arrive a little early for your scheduled appointment so you can take some time to unwind.

  • This is your time to relax and escape. When giving massage I (Kirstin) tend to be rather quiet. If you feel like chatting, I am happy to chat. However, most clients prefer to listen to the soothing music and relax in silence, please feel comfortable doing so. Many massage clients even fall asleep.

  • I am always happy to get feedback and make special accommodations for clients. Please feel free to communicate with me at any point during the massage. Perhaps you would like an extra blanket or the music is too loud. It is my goal to make you as comfortable as I possibly can.

  • It is your responsibility to let me know of any changes in your medical history (injuries, surgeries, new medications, illnesses, etc.)