KIRSTIN DAVIS LMT #10154 - IndioEuro Fusion Massage By Foot Pressure

Welcome to RelaxPDX

a one of a kind massage expierence by Kirstin.

Massage Using Foot Pressure

Whether you are looking for a chance to pamper yourself with a special spa style treatment or you need to get the 'knots' worked out of your neck and shoulders, RelaxPDX has a massage to suit your needs. From Signature Massages to Therapeutic Injury Recovery, I offer a full range of exceptional massage experiences using foot pressure.

Luxury amenities included with every RelaxPDX massage

  • 100% Organic Massage Products
  • Full Hour (or 90 min) of ACTUAL Massage Time (not 50 minutes)
  • Heated - Tempur Pedic Massage Mat
  • Custom Blended Aromatherapy Oils
  • Steamy Towels On Your Face or Back
  • Music Options For Your Personal Taste (you are welcome to use your own playlist)
  • Massage Pace Pressure and Area Of Focus are Customized for Each Session
  • Herbal Tea / Filtered Water